So, It’s Been A While

I think it’s fair to say that my attempt at October’s NaBloPoMo officially went in the pooper. I’m starting to believe that putting that darn button up in the first place is like the blog equivalent of shooting myself in the foot. Not that I won’t give it another shot next month… I’m many things, but a quitter is not one of them. I will get this right, dang it. One of these months, I’m going to pull off blogging every day.

Mark my words. In orange. Because it’s so much more festive than yellow.


I’m happy to report that both Claire and Jane were discharged from the hospital a good while ago. They are exactly three weeks old today and doing marvelous. I don’t know what I expected Life With Newborn Twins to be like, but it wasn’t this. Both of them have a pretty solid sleeping pattern and I’m not nearly as rundown as I thought I would be… Knock on wood.

Truthfully, the only thing I had to ‘deal’ with, so to speak, was random people cooing over them… Right before they ask me if I’m sure they are twins.

No, they had a two for one sale at the hospital. Come on, people.

They look nothing alike, I’ll give ‘em that. Claire looks exactly like I did as a wee little bébé – chubby and blond. Jane is the spitting image of Sam, and – according to my mother-in-law – ‘the most Native looking baby their family has seen since Sam was born’.

I’ve seen the pictures. The woman is not lying.

Needless to say, we’re able to tell them apart without much difficulty.

Nevertheless, yes, I am sure they are twins. I counted them while they came out of my whoohoo. I may have been a tad bit stoned at the time because of the epidural, but I’m sure this didn’t affect my ability to differentiate between one and two.

It was definitely two.

Which makes a grand total of four children currently residing under this roof. It can get a little crazy – and messy. I don’t think there has been a night where I didn’t hear Sam grumbling ‘effing Lego blocks’ while getting up at night to feed the girls… But it’s all great fun. Because schadenfreude. And also, because we’re all happy and healthy.

And just a wee bit tired.

Now tell me, what did I miss?