I’d Like To Thank God, Jesus And My Mom.

A big thank you to Bird on a Pencil for nominating me, especially since I’ve been slacking hard when it comes to blogging, lately! As it goes, I now get to share 7 random things about myself, before nominating 15 other blogs (gulp).

7 things you may or may not know about me…

I have a twin brother. His name is Ryan (we’re Ryan and Rhye, which is so cute you could just vomit, I know), and he’s about one minute older than I am. We’re as different as siblings can be, really. He has my mother’s golden locks and my father’s dark eyes, whereas I have my father’s dark hair and my mother’s blue eyes. We rarely vote on the same presidential candidate. We have completely different tastes in music. We don’t watch the same movies. Yet, people still refer to us as ‘the twins’ like we’re conjoined and share a brain. Even now that we’re almost 25 and haven’t lived under the same roof for about 8 years. This bugs me.

I truly believe our cat Luna knocks over glasses just to spite me. She’ll be sitting on a corner of the coffee table all innocent and licking her paws, but as soon as I look away… *bop* there goes the glass. To make matters worse, she never pulls this around Sam, who now believes I’m just incredibly clumsy and try to blame it on the cat.

During my senior year of High School I was head cheerleader, homecoming queen and prom queen. I was also mercilessly bullied by other girls.
Yes, that happens.

I love everything peppermint. I also love everything chocolate. But I can’t stand those two flavors combined.

Taking care of children that a) did not come out of my special area, or b) weren’t gifted to me through court makes me incredibly nervous. I’m always scared I’ll accidentally kill them in some way or another.

Whenever someone crosses the street when they see me and our pit bull Lucy coming their way, I get this sudden urge to chase after them just to see if they would panic or cry. Please note that Lucy is an incredible coward. I mean, she hides under the porch from our neighbor’s Pomeranian, for crying out loud.

The number 7 is the unofficial sponsor for my relationship. Sam was the 7th boy I kissed, which happened on my seventeenth birthday, and after we’d been together for 7 years, I found out I was about 7 weeks pregnant.


And this is where I nominate 15 other blogs. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to even begin, so let me get back to you on that when I have a little more time and brain activity.

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  1. Congratulations! I love the name Rhye, throw in a twin named Ryan. Awesome with a twist of humour 🙂

  2. pymette

     /  December 3, 2012

    yay! cool, twins! I was obsessed with Sweet Valley Twins when I was a kid, and always wanted one… however now that I’m a grown up, I think it would have been terrible, as I enjoyed the attention of being the only girl (three brothers)
    xo leanna


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