Oh, Hey!

Claire and Jane ‘turned’ one month old yesterday. One month! That is completely insane. Sometimes I feel like they’re only hours old, other times it feels like they have been here for at least a dynasty, but ‘one month’ feels absurd, somehow.

Apparently I started living in the ‘in between’ when they were born and lost all sense of time. I live in between naps, in between driving Cole to school and taking Sadie to the park. In between diaper changes and baths, dog walks and bottles, laundry and… well, more laundry. And then at some point during the day I’ll catch my reflection in a mirror and think to myself ‘Oh, there I am!’

Almost like I accidentally bumped into myself while turning a corner. Sounds strange? Well, it feels strange. A good sort of weird, but I’ve never been in a position where I had to ‘catch’ myself, so to speak. Sometimes I wonder if this is one of those typical new mom things, but my circle of mom friends is still pretty nonexistent, so there’s no real way to check.

Unless one of you guys has the answer?

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