The Choking Incident

Sadie likes to talk while she eats. Which would be fine, if she talked in between bites, but girlfriend likes to talk with her mouth full. One of my biggest pet peeves, but today we’ve learned that it’s also a choking hazard.

Because Sadie choked on a piece of cooked carrot. It was seriously the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced, especially since she couldn’t breath or talk right from the get go. She choked so hard that we actually had to preform the Heimlich on her. Luckily the carrot shot out right away, but I’ve never been so glad that both Sam and I took an infant CPR course when I was pregnant.

Yes, the classes were extremely boring and no, they were not free, but I would like to encourage everyone strongly to take them. Because you never know when your child might need you to know this stuff.

Seriously, do it.

That will be all for today. I’m still trying to calm myself down with tea.

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