My Day In Numbers: A Countdown

The amount of CDs that fell into the mud when I opened the door of my husband’s truck. I don’t know how he stores these things but he needs a new system.

Diapers changed so far. I had a blast. Or, more specifically, Claire did. Major poop explosion. I bet you’re so jealous of me right now.

The times I had to reenter my password on ITunes before it finally let me purchase something. Seriously, I’m all for internet security, but eight times?! Seems somewhat excessive, no?

The amount of mugs and plates that broke when Lucy, running at the speed of light, bumped into me while I was trying to put them away. We might need to get her a job as people greeter at Walmart so she can pay us back.

People calling me to check if I had voted yet and if not, when I was planning on going. We take voting very seriously in my family.

Calls ignored after that.
Because, you know, I have things to do.

Little humans demanding my attention.

The amount all of those little buggers needed it at the same time.

Fingers slammed in the car door while trying to do twenty things at once.
Don’t worry, they were my fingers, not my kids’.


Are you enjoying election day as much as I am?

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