I’m Mine and You’re Yours

We adopted our tomcat Julian a couple of months ago from our local animal shelter, a little surprised by the state he was in – which was perfect. No fleas, no ticks, no sneezing or runny eyes, nothing. This little man was in perfect health. We figured he just got lucky, took him home and didn’t think much more of it.

Until this morning, when I received a call from the shelter saying they had been contacted by people who saw Julian’s picture on the website and claimed he was theirs. Apparently they had moved house and during all the commotion that comes with it, Julian bolted. They found his collar down the street and feared that the neighbor’s somewhat cat aggressive dog had him for lunch (no, really. This was their theory).

Still, they kept a lookout for their beloved furry friend, and surprise! There he was, looking all sorts of gorgeous in his shelter mug shot. They contacted the shelter, who contacted me, and I said that they were more than welcome to come by to take a look at Jules. I did ask them to bring a picture, just in case they were simply crazy people who had their hearts set on a cat that was already adopted and were scamming to get their dirty claws on him.

… That happens, right? No? Well whatever, it does in my head.

As I waited, I wondered how I was going to break the news to Sadie if Julian was indeed these people’s cat. Because yes, if that was the case, I would absolutely give him back to them. After all it was obvious Julian had been well cared for and accidents happen. Dogs jump the fence and cats slip out – we’ve all been there.

Anyhoodle, long story short – Julian was indeed their cat. No doubt about it. His owners let us know they would cover all the costs we had made if we would consider giving him back to them, but that they fully understood that my kids had grown attached to him and by now, we had had him longer than they ever did. Basically, they were the most well-adjusted, lovely people I have met in a long time.

So we gave Julian back. And I needn’t have worried about Sadie. Because after explaining it turned out that Julian already had a home and that he would be going back, she shrugged and said okay.

‘Okay? Are you sure? You’re not going to miss your kitty?’ I asked, bewildered. Because Sadie adores Julian and Luna (our other cat). She brushes them and feeds them her dinner when she thinks we’re not looking.

‘Nawt my kitty. Shoolian is Shoolian’s.’

‘Julian is what?’

‘Shoolian’s! Belongs to Shoolian!’

‘Julian belongs to Julian?’

‘Yes! And Sadie’s Sadie’s!’

‘We all belong to ourselves?’


Oh, there’s that pride again. Amazing, the things children realize. Julian was never property, he had always belonged to himself. We just got to take care of him and enjoy his company for a while. And now he will bring joy to his other family.

Bon voyage, Julian. We wish you well.

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