Today, I’m full of love.

Full of love for my two brand new girls, who announced themselves with a ROAR that immediately let me know that yes, they were out and yes, they were more than fine. I’m in love with Claire’s chubby cheeks and Jane’s big eyes. With their fingers and their toes, their noses and the sounds they make. I’m so in love with both of them that it breaks my heart every time I have to leave them. I’d trade in my comfy hospital bed in a heartbeat and sleep on the NICU floor if they’d let me.

Of love for Cole, who – with only minimal supervision from my mother – dressed himself and his sister this morning, combed her hair and helped her brush her teeth, all because that way Sam could have a few extra minutes of sleep.

Of love for Sadie, who somehow totally gets what most adults don’t – that these two girls are not ‘just’ The Twins. They are CLAIRE and they are JANE and they EACH deserve a drawing, because they are two people, y’all!

Of love for my father, who arrived in his pajamas. For my mother, who shows her love by harassing the hospital staff with questions. For my twin brother, who said everything without saying a word.

Of love for my parents-in-law, who can’t stop crying their happy tears.

Of love for my amazing gang of sisters-in-law, who bring me everything I need without me even having to ask for it, and for being the crazy, silly, loving aunts that they are.

Of love for my normally oh-so-tough brother No. 2, who demanded I put Claire and Jane on the phone so he could listen to them.

Of love for brother No. 3, who filled my hotel room with flowers even though he’s countries away.

And brother No. 4 & 5, for the video messages they made.

Love, love, love.


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