A Dress To Impress

I accidentally overheard my neighbor crying yesterday, saying how she couldn’t afford a homecoming dress for her daughter. Apparently she didn’t plan on going, but got asked by the boy she’s had a crush on for years. My neighbor was on the phone, and the only reason I overheard her was because I was standing on their porch to return the sander we borrowed. I really hate invading people’s privacy like that, so I raced off as quick and quietly as I could.

Pretending I hadn’t heard her didn’t make me feel less bad about their situation, though. Au contraire to the next door neighbors, the family across the street is lovely as can be. A single mom raising two teenage kids, working impossible hours. I don’t know how she does it, and hearing what I heard nearly broke my already overly emotional heart.

It stayed on my mind the rest of the day until finally, around two in the morning, I had a eureka! moment.

I slapped my husband awake, who was almost out the door with my hospital bag before he realized I wasn’t in labor.

‘Help me, I need to find my green Prada dress!’ I almost shouted in excitement, throwing clothes left and right.

Now, before you think I’m some fancy lady who can afford Prada – I’m not. But I do happen to have a brother who’s in fashion and isn’t opposed to stealing taking souvenirs from work.

A mere two minutes later, we had located the dress. Luckily it was just as beautiful as I remembered. I stuck it in a dress cover and handed it to Sam.

‘You need to hang this on the neighbor’s porch.’

The awesome part? Sam actually did. Like a ninja, he ran across our lawns in pitch black darkness to secretly deliver the dress.

I just really, really hope it fits her.

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  1. That is just… waw! Like in the movies! Hoping it fits her well, and also hoping you get to have a glimpse of her wearing it…

  2. THIS is awesome. What a sweet gesture. And hey, even if it doesn’t fit, getting something altered is a lot cheaper than buying a whole new dress 🙂


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