Play Me A Lovesong

My husband has an exceptional memory when it comes to music. He might not always remember his own mother’s birthday, or where he parked the truck, but there isn’t a song he can’t play after listening to it a couple of times. And once he does, they stay in his repertoire for all eternity and beyond. So when he picked up his guitar today and started playing some songs just for fun, he soon required an audience of two kids sitting at his feet.

‘What should I play next?’ He asked them when a song was done.

‘Elephants!’ Sadie screamed all excited.

Sam bit his lip. ‘I don’t think I know any songs about elephants.’

‘Oh, then… Rhye!’

‘Cause, you know, close enough.

‘Okay I got one.’ He smiled after thinking about it for a while. And this is the song he played:


Well, at least it’s an honest one. I’ve done a lot of these things after all… Like backing up his truck into the bayou.

That, and in a weird way it’s actually a very sweet song.

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