Family Ties

When my phone rings at seven in the morning, it’s usually one of two people – My mother, who gets up at 6 in the morning regardless of what day it is and thinks the rest of the world does too, or my brother  Rhett who doesn’t believe in time zones. When our phone rang this morning I hoped it was my brother.

So of course, it was my mother.

‘You didn’t tell your great auntie Mildred that you were pregnant?’
‘My great auntie who?’
‘Mildred! Your uncle Caleb’s mother.’
‘I have an uncle Caleb?’
‘Honestly Rhye, sometimes I wonder if you’re even part of this family.’

I often wonder the very same thing.

In my defense, I have a very large family. They all live in far away, exotic places like… Germany (okay, so maybe not the MOST exotic of places, but whatever). After a long, long conversation with my mother, I learned that Mildred was indeed the mother of Caleb, and Caleb was my aunt Josephine’s third and fifth husband. Don’t ask. My aunt Josephine, in turn, isn’t really an aunt at all. She was my grandmother’s cleaning lady. And my mother expects me to keep up with this stuff. Not only that, but she expects me to call all 1257 members of my clan with news. Regardless on whether I’ve ever even met these people.

I can tell you right now that’s never going to happen.

But perhaps I can send great auntie Mildred my blog url.

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  1. LOL! We let the rumour run itself. We told our close family and friends, and the rest finds out by hearing or seeing. When I arrived at game day of my husband’s Lacrosse team, he had to run two minutes ahead to tell everbody we were pregnant, because he forgot to tell his team, and it was not like I could hide it at 20 weeks. They all had a good laugh, because, well, that’s how they know him 😀

    • That’s how I planned on going about it, too! But my mom is one of those people who actually writes ‘family newsletters’ and sends them out… She expects me to have the same approach to sharing news, I guess 😛


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