Some Questions, Answered.

Considering I’ve written only a few posts so far, I’m chuffed to bits by the site stats and emails I’ve been getting. A lot of you had questions for me, and I’d like to thank all of you for phrasing them as politely as you did. Truly, you have restored my faith in the internet! I will try to answer them the best I can, but I trust that you will understand that some of the details are not mine to share. They are Cole and Sadie’s stories, and they belong to them.

Didn’t you write a different blog a while back?
Yes, I did. I deleted it when we decided to welcome Cole and Sadie into our home, unsure of any consequences it may have while we were going through the process of taking them in. I’ve since learned that keeping a blog is completely fine. Of course, this will not be a place to share the ins and outs of their lives, but they are part of our family and I don’t feel comfortable with ‘filtering them out’. I’ve always written about my life quite openly and they are a big – huge – part of that.

I used to read your old blog, but was unaware you had two children already?
That’s because I didn’t. They have only been living with us for a relatively short period of time. My husband and I are not their biological parents, but have been in both their lives since they were born. We are/were very close to their birth parents and have always considered them family. Due to a variety of circumstances, they are now in our care.

Are you and your husband their foster parents?
No, they are not in foster care. We were godparents first and are their legal guardians now.

And you’re pregnant?
Yes, I’m 30 weeks pregnant with twins who Cole and Sadie have dubbed their ‘Bristers’ because we’re not quite sure if they will be sisters or one of each. There has been some confusion about the sex of Baby A, and instead of trying to solve the mystery we decided to let it be a surprise! Baby B is definitely a girl, though, and Cole and Sadie were put in charge of picking out a name for her. I adore their choice.

I hope that clears things up for you a bit!

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