Failed Romace, Questionable Food and Cowardice

Sam: ‘I love you more than Nutella.’
Me: ‘Whoa.’
Sam:I know.

Sam: ‘Do I smell Chinese food?’
Me: ‘No, but I think Lucy just farted.’ (Lucy is our dog)
Sam: ‘…Remind me of this moment next time I suggest picking up Chinese food.’

Sam’s Best Friend, Cash: ‘Teach me something very Dutch to say.’
Me: ‘Vanavond eten we mosselen.’
Cash: ‘What does that mean?’
Me: ‘Tonight we eat mussels.’
Cash: ‘Ah, alright. Vanavond eten we moslim.’
*My husband and I crack up laughing.*
Cash: ‘What, did I say it wrong? What did I say?!’
Me: ‘Tonight we eat muslim.’
Cash: ‘That’s… not good.’

Cole: ‘What would you do if we got robbed, like, RIGHT now?’
Sam: ‘Watch them run.’
Cole: ‘That’s all?’
Sam: ‘I’d probably pee my pants, too.’

*Spotting a rainbow*
Me: ‘Look! So pretty! Quick, be romantic!’
Sam: ‘Okay!’
*He puts his arms around me and we snuggle*
Sam: Quick question.
Me: ‘Hmm?’
Sam: ‘Are we looking at that rainbow, or the lady with the epic camel toe?’

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